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Sauti ya Wanawake Pwani(SYWP) is a womens rights movement that works with over 9500 women in Coastal region of Kenya to advocate for the recognition, respect and upholding of women and children rights.The movement was founded by grassroots women in 2001 and has been and is a woman led organization.The movement focused on four thematic areas,gender equity in Governance and advocacy,health,Education and women rights and works directly with satellite chapters spread across all the countiws in Coast province.
What We Do?

We’re On A Mission To Advocate For
Women and Children's Rights

A Beacon of Hope for Women Everywhere

Providing Linkages

We provide the connection between communities,government and other key players forming string networks with other organizations in order to push for gender equity.


In the Coast Region, we establish a strong women's movement tightly linked to other movements. This interconnection aims to amplify our impact and advocate collectively for women's rights, building a network of empowerment across various fronts.

Safe Space

Create a secure environment where women can openly converse about topics that impact their lives. Establish a protected space for discussions concerning women's issues. Offer a safe platform for women to address their concerns.


Offer chances for women to acquire knowledge and education. Create avenues for women to access information and enhance their learning. Provide opportunities for women to expand their understanding and skills.

Our Causes

Focus Areas

Our Causes

Focus Areas

Women's Rights and Governance

Sauti Ya Wanawake Pwani supports women’s and girls’ active participation and the incorporation of their perspectives at all levels of decision-making. Also, support women striving to take up leadership positions and participate in electoral processes.

Peacebuilding, Emergency Handling, And Conflict Resolutions

Ethnicity, religion, the fight over ownership of land, and natural resource control are among the factors that fuel conflict, especially in the coastal region.

Countering Effects of Climate Change

The coastal region is more prone to disasters like drought and floods and thus women are impacted by the effects of climate change. 80 percent of the Kenyan population lives in rural areas and derives their incomes and livelihoods on land and natural resources which are susceptible to changes in climatic conditions.


Gender-Based Violence Against Women

Sauti Ya Wanawake Pwani conducts community awareness meetings/ forums which are a critical opportunity to educate and sensitize the wider community on women’s rights, and the effects of Violence against Women and Girls and rally for their support.

Women Economic Empowerment

Economic disempowered women face challenges of acceptability at the community level, they lose confidence and feel intimidated to speak in public and their views are not taken seriously.

Girls Education And Children's Rights

SYWP works with the community to ensure timely and sustainable enrollments of girls in schools by addressing gender disparities.


Our Mission

Advocating for equity in all spheres of life through working with the most vulnerable populace at the grassroots level for positive social change.


Our Vision

A society devoid of women and children's rights violations for positive social change


Our Chapters

Sauti ya Wanawake Pwani has chapters in the six counties in the Coastal Region.These chapters have created mini chapters in every village and community setting that allows every woman is wiling yo be a member of Sauti, a chance to be heard. In these chapters we have Kongamano forums which are women meetings held to discuss issues they are facing and ways to deal with them.

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