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Sauti Ya Wanawake - Pwani (The Voice of Women), popularly known as Sauti, started as a local women’s movement in Mombasa, Kenya in 2001. The main aim was to create a safe space for grassroots’ women to discuss issues that affect them and to become a forum that contributes to the fight for women’s and children’s rights. The movement serves as a mouth piece championing women’s issues whilst also building the confidence of women to challenge oppressive systems and advocate for change. Sauti promotes grassroots women as decision makers, lobbyists and leaders and seeks to increase their participation at all levels of democratic governance. The organization, with its head office in Mombasa, operates in the six counties of Kenya’s coastal region. Sauti is able to sustain its activities through a culture of volunteerism, networking and collaboration with partners and stakeholders.


  • “With a movement of over 6,500 members, Sauti is creating a critical mass of hitherto marginalized women advocating for change, firstly in their region and ultimately nationally”
  • “The empowerment of grassroots women as decision makers, leaders and facilitators of change”
  • “Influencing policy and promoting institutional changes”
  • “Creating strategic networks, and multi-sectoral and medico -legal linkages for GBV Survivors”


A society devoid of women and children’s rights violation for positive social change.


Advocating for equity in all spheres of life through working with the most vulnerable populace at the grassroots level for positive social change.

“We have told women it is OK to speak up and women from all corners of this region are now making noise when need be. That is tremendous progress” Mama Gibran, Chair, Sauti.

SStrategic objectives


bullet Advocating for human rights especially for women and children
bullet Creating a safe space for women to collectively analyse their experiences and build their confidence
bullet Identifying issues affecting women and children and acting as a mouth piece to voice these issues
bullet Mobilising the society for action against Gender Based Violence (GBV)
bullet Promoting the involvement and representation of women and girls in democratic governance and development
bullet Advocating for women’s health rights including those related to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
bullet Providing linkages between communities, government and other key players and forming strong networks with other organizations in order to push for gender equity

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